Fujitsu Heat PumpsFujitsu Comfort means perfect temperature at the touch of a button.  All year round.  It also means the highest quality, advanced features, super efficiency, super quiet technology and New Zealand's longest warranty.

Advanced Features

Fujitsu Heat PumpsCheck the features of the models on this website.  You can select models that remove dust and odours from your home, filters that clean themselves, brilliant multi-directional airflows - in fact everything you could need to improve the quality of comfort (and the value) of your home.

Super Effciency

The secret behind the energy savings of heat pumps is that they do not need a heating element to heat your home.  They simply take the free heat from the outside air (even when it's freezing cold), and trasfer it inside your home.  In addition, Fujitsu have made efficiency a priority - achieving mostly 5 STAR + ratings, and Energy Star qualification for all the models in this website.  That means you could be saving up to 75% off your heating bill.

Fujitsu Heat PumpsSuper Quiet

Fujitsu have introduced 'quiet mode' - to ensure that you only feel Fujitsu Comfort - not hear it.  This means our models can run at between 21 and 30 decibels - that's less than the sound of a human whisper.

New Zealand's Longest Warranty

6 Year Full Parts and Labour WarrantyFujitsu Accredited Installers ensure the professional installation that our top quality products deserve.  When you use a Fujitsu Accredited Installer, we will give you a 6 year full parts and labour warranty - New Zealand's longest.